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Have you noticed any unusual things at TobyInvest.com? You've reached the real jet website. Each page overcomes the sound barrier and loads instantly. 

Our company develops the fastest jet websites for real estate professionals.

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Why you need jet websites

Jet websites were born among large news websites that monitor their page loading speeds closely:

"At the BBC we’ve noticed that, for every additional second a page takes to load, 10 per cent of users leave."

BBS Viewpoint
BBS Viewpoint

Google's Speed Audit

"What gets measured, gets managed." The sentence is a famous quote by Peter Drucker from his 1954 book titled, “The Practice of Management.”

"PageSpeed Insights" audit of Google analyzes the speed of the web page from different angles. Let's focus on the 2 most important parameters:

  • "Time to interactive" — how long it takes for the page to fully load before you can work with it
  • "Retention" (conversion) — what percentage of visitors have the patience to wait until the end of the page load.

As an example, let's conduct a Google audit of mobile version of our TobyInvest.com jet website:

Google SpeedTest
Google SpeedTest of TobyInvest.com mobile version

According to Google, mobile version of our website:

  • Loads in just 0.8 seconds
  • Retains 100% of visitors.

Let's check "sell my house fast <city>" websites from 100 different cities. A Google speed audit shows that mobile versions of typical REI websites:

  • Load in 8 to 16 seconds (the median is 12 seconds)
  • Retain only 18 to 52% of visitors (the median is 34% of visitors).

Google' Compare

Let's put the mobile load results of the Google speed audit on one graph:

Google Compare

Google believes that mobile version of jet websites:

  • Load 15x faster than typical REI websites (0.8 s vs 12 s)
  • Retain 3x as many visitors as typical REI websites (100% vs 34%).

Now you understand why:

  • Google likes to show "Powered by TobyInvest.com" jet websites in the first search results
  • Visitors are more comfortable exploring jet real estate websites.


You may still have questions about jet websites. We will answer some of them.

Q: My website loads quickly without any jet technology!

A: There are three reasons why the owner does not see problems loading his website:

  1. The owner of the website, wants to see exactly his website. The visitor still has to look at 999 other sites in the Google results
  2. The owner of the website watches it from his laptop. Most visitors use a smartphone to view the website. The laptop is much more powerful and shows websites faster than a smartphone
  3. The owner has visited his website before and most of the website is in the browser's cache. So he sees his website quickly. Visitors come to the website for the first time and have to download all the files, which makes the website load faster.

Take your smartphone and go first to your website and then to TobyInvest.com. You will immediately see the difference in the loading speeds of the websites.

Q: I've never heard of jet websites

A: Jet website technology is known among webmasters as Jamtack since 2015.

"Modern Web Development on the JAMstack" book:

"Modern Web Development on the JAMstack" book
Image via Netlify.com

Mathias Biilmann; Phil Hawksworth:

JAMstack is a modern web development architecture for deploying fast, highly-scalable sites. JAMstack delivers better performance, higher security, and lower cost of scaling.

JAMstack sits at the center of several converging trends and technologies already being used to support today's web projects. The JAMstack drastically improves performance, increases reliability, and reduces the surface for attacks. 

New information technology is coming to the real estate industry with a 7-10 year delay. You can take advantage of a jet website for several years before your competitors also know about jet websites.

Q: Why should I hire you?

A: A website that loads instantly is rocket science. Out of 100 web studios, only one is qualified to develop a jet website. But:

  • It's likely to be infinitely far from real estate
  • it won't be interested in developing a small REI website.

Our company is a rare combination of the sky-high technology stack and a passionate interest in real estate investment. You should hire us to save you the time of searching for a jet website developer.

Q: Is there anything I should know?

Jet websites are more difficult to maintain and develop:

  • Many common embedded web services (analytics, news aggregators,...) slow down the jet website. Some will have to be abandoned, others will have to be replaced by faster analogs
  • You can only publish articles through our webmaster.

Standard offer

The development/redesign of the jet website costs $50 per hour. Typical time costs range from $3,000 to $6,000.

The support costs $100 per month. This price includes 3 hours of support per month. (Any unused hours of included support are not saved and do not roll over to another month.) Above this amount, support costs $50 per hour.

The design at the start is usually one of the ready-made. Most customers are happy with that. Design requirements will become clear after a few months of using the jet website. If you ever want some special design, custom development will take an additional $3,000+

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