700 naming schemes for rental properties

Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire
Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire

Real Estate Investors can give their properties short, catchy nicknames. There are about 700 naming schemes. The article compares different naming schemes.

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The right to name real estate

In France, every chateau has its own name. An ordinary mailing address in the form of a street and house number is an affront to the château. The French post office delivers the letter using the name of the chateau.

There is no house numbering in Venezuela. Any homeowner can name his or her house after anything - his or her daughter, the patron saint, the favorite soccer team,... That name would be the address of the house on that street.

Many American investors own dozens or hundreds of homes and apartments. An investor can name each property with a short and memorable nickname. This name is used in many cases:

  • The name of the LLC associated with the property
  • In the house/apartment card in the CRM
  • In conversations between employees of the management company
  • In advertisements for rental properties
  • Residents can leave requests in help desk by introducing themselves by their property nickname
  • In the support forum, residents can communicate with each other under the property nickname.

Flower naming scheme

One common naming scheme is based on flower names. It' convenient when the initial letters of the flower correspond to the first letters of the street. This makes it easier to remember.

In addition to the flower name, each property receives an easily identifiable flower avatar.

Flower Pictures
Image via Florgeous.com

The avatar is used in the property card in the CRM, on the property flag on the city map, in maintenance requests from residents through a help desk,...

Example of flower naming

I programmed a small artificial intelligence using machine learning. I fed the program thousands of flowery Wikipedia articles. The program has learned to convert any name into a consonant flower name. Additionally, the program picks up a photo of the flower.

Examples of last name conversion
Cozzi → Cordia:
Garren → Gardenia:
Gaston → Gasteria:
Goldman → Goniolimon:
Lewis → Lewisia:
Nathan → Nuphar:
Shaver → Schefflera:
Scott → Schotia:

Naming schemes with good visualization

I'd like to give some more naming schemes with visualization. They provide each property name combined with an easily identifiable avatar:

  • Actors / actresses
  • Animals
  • Appliances
  • Birds
  • Breeds of Dogs
  • Car Brands
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Colors
  • Comic_Strip_Characters
  • Currencies
  • Dinosaurs
  • Elements
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Guns
  • James Bond Girls
  • Musical Instrument
  • NATO phonetic alphabet
  • Singers
  • Weapons

700 naming schemes for gourmets

Computer professionals face a similar problem all the time. They have to come up with dozens or hundreds of human-readable names for networked servers, wireless access points or client computers. There are about 700 naming schemes for all kinds of tastes. Gourmands can choose a scheme that suits their taste.

Some of the schemes are not quite decent. Click the following link only if you are 18+ years old.

700 naming schemes at NamingSchemes.com:

NamingSchemes.com sreenshot


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