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700 naming schemes for rental properties

Real Estate Investors can give their properties short, catchy nicknames. There are about 700 naming schemes. The article compares different naming schemes.

For Sale By Owner Sign

Cold call to FSBO

FSBO stands for For Sale By Owner. The technique of drip marketing will help the investor find common ground with the owner.

Lead Heated in a Candle Flame

100 Ways to Generate REI Leads

There are many ways to find properties suitable for investment. Investors lovingly collect different ways and list them. I've collected 100+ ways on one page.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

"REI Machine Learning" Round Table

We organized "REI Machine Learning" round table on September 26, 2020. Read the report materials. Some knowledge of ML is advantageous, but not a requirement.

10-touch series

10-touches to growing up hot leads

Leads rarely give their consent at the first contact. 10-touch series is many times more efficient than a single contact.