Agent Portfolio: Gorky Street, 68, Kaliningrad (Buying)

Gorky Street, 68, Kaliningrad
Gorky Street, 68, Kaliningrad

Apartments buying: 1 bd, 1 ba, 344 sqft. Bought: $49,300 on 05/31/2021. Buy time: 16 days. Address: Gorky Street, 68, Kaliningrad, 236029

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Ulitsa Gor'kogo, 68, Kaliningrad, 236029:

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Process description

The buyer asked to find a property for rent with good furniture in a good location.

I have offered several options. I also paid the buyer's attention to the advantages of this apartment: individual heating, quality furniture and location with good infrastructure. The apartment is within walking distance from the Upper Lake, Park "Youth", the sights of the city. The apartment is suitable for daily rent. The client was very happy!

The deal went smoothly.


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Real estate investment employees of TobyInvest live mostly in Kaliningrad. It's an European city of 500,000 people and the capital of the Kaliningrad state.

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