Portfolio: CRM Implementation for “Agio”

The castle Mariental (1790s)
The castle Mariental (1790s)

The “Agio” company produces restorative dry building mixes and paints. These materials were used for the restoration of many architectural monuments.

The Oranienbaum's “Painting house” (1752s):

A Manor

The Church of the Three Ecumenical Saints (1674s):

A Mansion

The Gatchina Palace (1766s):

The Gatchina Palace

The review

Nina Shangina
Nina Shangina

Nina Shangina, CEO, Doctor of Engineering, Professor:

— My sales were dropping. My company was on its way to bankruptcy. I attended the Alex Rice CRM seminar. He has an unconventional approach to sales. 

I got more from working with Alex than I expected. Our sales grew 30% a month after we finished working with Alex. 

The investment in the contract with Alex has paid off completely, and that's just the beginning. After another 5 months, the growth in sales is still there. The sales system became self-organized. We started hiring new employees.

I recommend working with Alex Rice. He can not only outline the theory of the question, but also help to realize the most daring expectations in practice.

Source: “Agio” website

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