Portfolio: CRM Implementation for “Titan Engineering”

“Titan Engineering”
“Titan Engineering”

The “Titan Engineering” company releases various electro-technical equipment:

Electro-technical equipment

Today the company employs over 150 people.

The review

Paul Bessonov

Paul Bessonov, Deputy Director General, Doctor of Engineering:

We have project sales. The project can last for a year and a half. We invited a CRM consultant. He solved for us several important problems:

  • To streamline the customer base
  • To adjust work with tasks
  • To adjust the reporting
  • Too keep projects in one program.

After implementing CRM, all employees are in the same information field.

We used to be a manufacturer of electrical equipment. With the help of CRM now we carry out the full cycle of work - from the project to construction and installation work and commissioning. We became a general contractor.

Company website: “Titan Engineering” website

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